Statement ︎︎︎

Created in conjunction with the Epicenter under the Frontier Fellowship between 2010 and 2013

Featured in:

Green River Magazine
Nicole Lavelle and Sarah Baugh

“A Call to Place: The First Five Years of the Frontier Fellowship”
Rio Gallery
Salt Lake City, UT
A series of photographs describing a cycle of time in a rural town isolated for 120 miles in either direction of Hwy 70 in the expansive desert landscapes of south eastern Utah. 

Built around the plentiful river for which it is named, the shifting of the sun throughout the year brings a vibrant renewal of Green River’s unusually lush foliage.

Each year, they celebrate the melon, the crop the town is known for throughout the region, just after the summer harvest.

Turning leaves get pushed away by the late summer thunderstorms. Local businesses, in the interior of the town, are shuttered for the winter and ice lingers in the static shadows of buildings.

Installation ︎︎︎

72” x 96” optic c-prints hanging in opposing store fronts on S Broadway in Green River, UT

Installed in the summer of 2015 surroudning the events of High Desert Test Sites and left hanging for a calendar year to fade in the desert sun.