Views of the North Coast

Statement ︎︎︎

Created while in residence at the Creative Sanctuary of Arcata, CA.

POSTED is a continuation of my exploration of the cathartic powers of the natural world. In this iteration, the imposed boundaries of private land serve as a metaphor for the walls that make the perceived boundaries of my personality. From this, a narrative is woven depicting the internal process of shedding a heavy skin of doubt, blame and darkness. Issues such as the power we give to singular objects, the sensuality of landscape, the effect of time passing and the continual struggle with perception are presented.

The exhibition expands the view of the book--displaying drawings, objects I connected with while wandering the landscape, and a viewfinder accompanied by two custom slide wheels. One wheel features images of “No Trespassing” signs that riddle the views of Humboldt County, while the other features forms of the landscape that I sat with. Drawings include 40 hand-painted “POSTED” signs and a large pressing of crushed, charred wood collected from beach fires. A half-burnt piece of sage is sealed in the middle symbolizing the clearing of energy and welcoming the new.

Book ︎︎︎

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Soft cover, printed
60 pages

First edition of 50 copies
Published July 2017

Exhibition ︎︎︎

Creative Sanctuary
Arcata, CA
July 2017

Featuring works on paper, found objects, viewfinder with custom slide reels and 15 photographic prints