Supporting the creation of visual media via technical system management and expertise in photography, spanning on set production, post production, and operations.

Detail oriented and data focused, I excel in developing systems of productivity, implementing quality assurance processes and producing training materials to facilitate operational goals in cross-functional collaborations.

Starting with formal training in film photography, I’ve developed a well rounded skill set working on productions both large and small, in field and in studio, galleries large and small, as well as retouching and post production workflow. 

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Branded photo content production & post production program management, Airbnb Plus

Developed unique imagery from other home listing products, including those within Airbnb, by engaging with photographers on telling the story of a home, focusing on composition style, use of natural light, and approach to covering rooms.

I created a step by step workflow for processing images focusing on bringing out the natural qualities of the space. To unify the look of final imagery, I crafted 16 Lightroom profiles to deal with common lighting and color from scenes within homes worldwide.

Examples of imagery in product display (click to enlarge ︎)

Examples from training portal for retouchers, going in depth everything Plus, from on product art direction, to retouching techqniue, and performance analysis

Selected slides from presentations produced for listing hosts and contracted listing photographers

Homes photography

Art documentation, editorial portraiture, product photography

Retouching examples

Assisting for Richard Learoyd

Richard Learoyd has become known for the use of his extra large format cameras. Between 2015 and 2017, I assisted him on location throughout California to produce bodies of work comissioned by the Fisher Family (of Gap ownership) and Fraenkel Gallery of San Francisco. 

Personal Work ︎